Monday, May 23, 2011

Bullies and Bullshit part 1

So if I haven’t mentioned it before the school system isn’t great here in redneck land.  I am constantly putting up with my kids getting bullied.  My oldest was shoved up against a black board.  My youngest slammed up against a brick wall.  Which I had 2 x-rays done because the bruising and swelling was so bad.   The kid got one day of in school suspension because apparently the other parent threw a fit.  The parent even sat down and the kids lunch table to bad mouth my kid.  By stating she was faking it.  How the hell do you fake blue and purple marks?  Let alone the swollen hand. The school counselor is wanting the children to be friends.  I am sorry I do not agree with her methods.  Yes they should be courteous with each other.  But this girl even calls the house to harass her.
I have asked the teachers every year to keep me updated on my oldest progress and let me know if we are starting to have grade issues.  I never hear anything until the report card comes out.  By then its to late.  I have asked please let me know what she is having issues with.  For example I see the D on her report card in math but have no idea what part she is having trouble with.  How am I suppose to help her with her problem areas with out some direction from the teacher?  Where are the teachers?  If they report any problems they are considered tattling.  Where is the no bully policy? 
Even band is an issue.  We paid for my daughter band shirt and never received the size we paid for.  She is like a 7 in little girls and they gave her a 3XL.  The band director never has the band concerts information available for me until 2 weeks till or less.  They receive their music later than other band students who are from the bigger school they merge with. Also never informed of items needed for in school concerts. I put my daughter in band to learn an instrument and she should get the same amount of attention as those from the main school.  I cannot be at the school to help my oldest.  I leave the education of my children to the teachers but unfortunately the teachers there don’t take their job seriously.  The have my telephone number, address and email yet I am never updated on my eldest progress.  I am trying to switch them to another school that participates in the homework online program where I can access and see what homework they have and their grades.  Also I am not impressed with Mr. P and his retake the test method.  If the children all are all failing the test then the teacher is not teaching it the first time.  Teaching the kids that they can just retake will not help them in future education institutions.  He also speaks inappropriate and unprofessional to the students. For example:  why by the whole cow when the milk is free.
Not to mention allowing them to get extra lunches when I specifically told them not to because they pack their lunch.  I am still paying off a 200 dollar bill.  Which they waiting months to inform me of.  I have talked to the principle and teachers over the last 4 years and nothing is improving.  This year was the last straw and both my children have asked me to see if I can get them transfer. .especially after my oldest art sketch pad was damaged from an older girl putting mustaches on pictures and writing you’re a dike on it.  What’s worse?  The stupid kid admitted to it.  The teacher just ignore it.  Told her just to ignore it. GRRRR
I really would like to choke the parents of these hoodlums.

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