Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shot of Reality: School, Salons and Severe pain

Dear School of Today,
Instead of thinking of banning packed lunches because they are unhealthy maybe start by actually making kids walk home from a bus stop. Not drop kids off every 8 feet.
Sincerely, who is causing childhood obesity? you are.
P.S when is pizza, corn and French fries all in one meal considered healthy?

Dear Beauty Salon,
You might get more business if you don’t let an answering machine answer your phone. I understand your with clients but ever heard of a receptionist?
Sincerely, pissed off patron who got a return call 2 hours later.

Dear other hair salon,
I really don’t want to listen to you bitch and complain to your husband on the phone. Your place of business is not the time to chew him out. Then telling me all about it. I really don’t give a ferrets anus. I have my own a-hole at home. I came here to relax and get away from him.

Dear lady at the salon,
Charging 35 dollars for a foot spa machine you got at Wal-Mart doesn’t really make me want to come back. They are 30 bucks. I could do my own if I wanted that quality. If your “normal” spa is broke then you should discount your customers. Also when you give a “spa” pedicure it should last longer than a “regular” pedicure.
Sincerely, never coming back again

Dear man,
You are an ass and not worth this letter
Sincerely, saving my words for something better

Dear inventor of waxing,
you must have been a man…YEE..OUCH!
Sincerely, I now have bright red eyebrows

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