Monday, May 23, 2011

Motorcycle Adventures: ouch

So I am finally on vacation hence all the new blog posts.  I spent my first 2 days on a motorcycle ride with the old man.  Here are some cool pics of my rides.  We did 180 miles one day and 160 the other.
It’s amazing just how beautiful the world is when you take time to enjoy it.
droid 160
Start of my ride.
droid 161
blue ridge parkway
droid 162
droid 169
Boone, NC
droid 164
droid 168
Mast General store Since 1883
here their site: Mast General Store
droid 170
I love old barns
Burkes Gardens
droid 173
My other love.  Old general stores.  Especial original ones.  Of course the penny candy is gone..but most will have soda is bottles.  Nothing like swinging on the porch swing with a cold Dr Pepper and candy bar. YUM

droid 172
droid 175
droid 179
droid 177
droid 183
Ice Cream Break- big walker mountain


So that was my ride.  Oh Yea here is my battle scars from the bike ride.  I was stung by a bee about 5 times before I could beat it to death riding 55mile an hour…lovely right?

droid 185

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