Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacation, Laziness, HMMM donuts

Yes so I am suppose to be on this great diet.  You know so I can wear this stupid bikini my hubby wants me to wear.  Now mind you I could be 200lbs over weight and he would still want me in a bikini.  Men…
So Like I said on my last post about being on vacation…when your on vacation your diet goes out the window.  Which is not good considering this isn’t my big vacation…the beach one where you really don’t want to be fat.  I have done no exercising and my diet HA!  here is a pic…
droid 191
Yea see one is even missing in the pic.  I have ate 4 of these little bastards…the evil devil made me do it.
 donuts-213x300  I would call the crack but starbucks already takes the cake on that one.
So here it is 2 days till my vacation is up and I can about guarantee when I go back to work to weigh on the scales I will have gained 10 lbs.  So I have 3 weeks to get some of this chub off me.  Ugh.  Hmm maybe I could become bulimic.  You know so I can eat and hmm taste the donut goodness…but it won’t turn into fat.  Too bad I like the enamel on my teeth and the lining of my esophagus…plus not a big fan of puke.
Ah to be the size of a twig and be able to eat what I want when I want.

Ps when dieting why is it your big boobs go first? I would be happy to keep the ass and boobs..just lose the gut…sheesh

oh and btw I was looking for a pic for diet boobs..don’t ever key that in you find things like this…

Don’t do it…there are worse ones.

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