Thursday, May 26, 2011

MS and Disability Bullpoopie

Watching my dad lose his job because he cannot cognitively do it any more is depressing.  He has lost his ability to ride his motorcycle.  There are days he cannot stand for long periods or even walk without a limp.  Yet when he goes to the doctors they tell him he is not disabled enough.  He cannot work in hot temperature or he passes out, cold temperature or his legs don’t work. But the icing that took the cake?  When he went to the doctors to take the cognitive test.  They told him that they would not trust him with money or multitasking.  Which still means he is still not that bad off yet.  Excuse me…what effin job doesn’t require multitasking?  I am pretty sure even McDonald requires that.  But what infuriates me more is watching my tax dollars hard at work in the ER.  The countless people who come into the ER for stupid crap.  Like coughs and colds that they have had for a month.  Cysts that have been there for a year.  Then you have the “suicide” people who just want some attention.  Not all but some.  But what makes me want to choke the healthcare more is that they don’t want to burden the country with too many people on disability.  HUH?  You mean don’t give disability to the man who has work almost 50 years of his life, fought for this country and doesn’t want disability for the check.  Just the ability to be classified as disabled to be able to get help from the disability rehab people. So he can be pair with a job he can do. When he tells a jobs he applies for he has Multiple Sclerosis he doesn’t get hired because he is a liability.  So he needs disability to survive and get a job he can do.  He has put his dues (taxes) in so where is his help? But Obama and this wonderful government  won’t give him help but will give disability to a person who has never worked a day in their life just because they can’t deal with life?  WTF.  Hey jackass…why don’t you cut back on the assholes we scan 15 times in 3 months.  Because nothing is wrong they just want to be shot up full of free narcotics paid for by todays tax payers.  Thanks for the wonderful healthcare!
MS is a disability

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