Thursday, January 5, 2012

English Please

OperatorI get really tired of having to push one for English.  I know that most of these calls are based out of India but there are still a good number that are not.  I am in the US I should not have to push 1 for english.  But today of all days I really had enough.  Let’s start with my dilema.  I have a Nook and love it.  I was downloading books for the kids at christmas time and used my credit card and a American express gift card.  Well I figured that if I had an issues it would be with my gift card.  Especially since most places give you a hard time about American Express.  Apparently I didn’t have any problem with the gift cards but the books I bought with my credit/debit card would not open up on my nook.  Which was weird especially since the books were on the other 3 nooks linked to  my account and my IPAD.  On my nook it kept prompting my name and credit card number.   It has never done that in the year that I have owned my nook.  So I call press 1 for English and get a spanish speaking person who I can barely understand.  I know that 1 for English means so I can understand right?  Unless it’s for them to understand.  Which she did not.  Not to mention her thick accent made it too hard for me to understand her.  So I try 3 times to get her to understand to no avail.  So tries to tell me to try this and that.  I hang up with her accomplishing nothing other than loss of time and increase aggravation.  I call back.  Holy crap and English speaking person hot damn.  Which I am shock and apparently my brain forgot to keep my comment to myself.  I announce Yea! Someone who speaks English.  He laughs and then a tad embarrassed I explain why I said that and then my issue.  In less than 10 mins I have my 2 books on my nook.  Now how hard was that people?  If you give English speaking Techs to English speaking customers the problem gets solved faster.  Rocket Science!

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