Saturday, January 7, 2012

iTunes gift cards

I am really aggravate.  I am not sure if I should be made at Wal-Mart or iTunes.  I received 30 dollars worth of iTunes money.  I tried to activate the card to add it to my account only for it to tell me I am not authorized.  So I email iTunes and have to fax the cards and my receipt to them.  I don’t have access to one to fax it to them.  So I have to email them back.  I can scan them and attach them to the email.  I have no scanner at the moment since mine blew up.  So I have to email them back.  I ask if I can take a picture with my camera and attach those files.  They email me back and say sure.  So before I do that I ask Wal-Mart could I just bring them back since they were not activated.  They said sure so long as the silver code has not been removed from the back.  Um I calmly explain to the lady in order to activate them I need that number so I scratched off the silver stripping.  Well I was then informed they could not take them back.  Excuse me?  I try to explain…a tad more pissed off that in order to see if they work you have to scratch it off.  Well there is nothing we can do she tell me.  So what I am out of  30 bucks.  Thanks Wal-Mart for ripping me off.  So I am waiting for iTunes to contact me back.  If they don’t fix it I will not be a happy camper and my IPAD rating will no longer be as awesome as I thought.  So I am waiting….did I mention I am not real patient when it comes to my gifts?

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Cartoon Characters said...

Ya what is with those sorry companies that don't take scans or photos....they are still in the last century with their "fax".

Who faxes anymore??? and why is it any more credible than a photo or a scan?

I am having the same problem with American Express...I am trying to correct a charge....they want a fax, not a scan. Highly inconvenient.