Friday, January 6, 2012

iPads, Kindle, Nook Oh My

So you need help.  Which one do you buy.  Okay after spending about 6 months researching I hope this helps some.  I am in no means an expert I just play one in my imagination.  So please feel free to leave you opinion.  Because we all have them.  Anyway I have an iPad 2 and a Nook Simple touch.  I do not have a Kindle but I have my idea’s about them.
The first thing you have to figure out is what do you want to do?  Are you wanting to just read?  Are you facebooking and twittering?  Checking emails?  Game playing? Reading Magazines? Watching movies?  This is where you start.  Make a list of what you want to do.  That will put you in the right area.
Basic Reading. 
Kindle or Nook
So you are ready to take the leap into the e-reading era or you need more info before you do. So here goes.  As for Kindle or Nook regular e-readers meaning they function with e-ink and are not a colored screen.  They are great and I would run from the Sony e-reader. If you are an avid reader and your bookshelves at home are stuffed full, then this might be a great time to jump on the band wagon.  A place to store all 200 books you buy in one place.  That only takes up the space of one book.  Great idea!  Did I mention how light the e-reader is compared to a 1000 page hard back book? No more hand cramps. However, I am one of those people who love the smell of a new book, the feel, and the joy of owning another book.  I didn’t think I would love my nook more than a regular book but I do.  In fact  I have bought one for both of my daughters and my mother (who isn’t computer savy).  I switched from the original nook and now have the Nook Simple touch.  See pics for difference.
nook_simple_touch_1 Simple touch. Smaller & No 3g capabilities
nook_front_view  Has 3g capabilities and a color menu.

Do you need 3g?  Not really unless you are wanting the ability to purchase books while in areas with out wifi.  Don’t know what 3g is?  It’s works off cell towers instead of the internet.  So if you travel a lot and you didn’t preload your books before a trip without wifi you can’t download more.  They advertise you can surf the net. But It’s very annoying and only shows a corner the page and you have to scroll up and down and left and right.  I hated it because I would forget what the first part look like…grr  So don’t get this if you are wanting to check email or surf net.  This is not the device for you.  If you are looking for just a great e-reader the nook is for you.
Misconceptions of an e-reader. 
They are not lit up screens.  They are purposely made like a book.  The color screens will strain your eyes after hours of reading.  So if you are a night reader you will need a light.  Stay away from the Nook lights.  I was not impressed. M-Edge e-Luminator Booklight is great! Think you will miss going to the library.  Did you know most libraries now use ebooks?  You can borrow books for 14 days.  No late fees!! No lost books.  How great is that?
Why I didn’t buy kindle. 
No external memory.  What room you have is it.  On the nook I have the SD slot to expand my memory.  This really isn’t a problem unless you have more than 1000 books since most can hold this many without the SD..  Having problems with you NOOK?  No problem you can call Barnes and Noble or stop in and personally get help. Kindle you can call or send it to them.  If the battery needs replacing in the Nook you can walk into Barnes and Noble and they will replace it.  Kindle has to be sent off.  Kindle works with Amazon.  So if you like amazon go for it.  Nook works with Barnes and Noble, Borders, or Books a million.  Plus most e-book downloads.  You just have to drag and drop into you nook.  I am not sure if Kindle does.  The accessories are the same.  You can get most at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target or  The best thing that Kindle did have that mom wishes she had was Kindle will read the book to you.  I didn’t like it because it sounds robotic and that removes all emotion out of the book.  They both will play an Audio book and both use the narrators voice.  Kindle will read out loud a non audio book and NOOK does not.
As for an e-reader to a regular book. If you miss the smell of a new book visit your local bookstore and browse books.  Just buy them on the E-reader.  Have a little of both worlds.  Or do what I do.  I buy my favorite author, Charliane Harris books,  all other books are for my e-reader.
Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire
So you want a tablet that is an e-reader.  The only down fall with a color screen is that it’s a lot like a computer screen.  If you read for long periods of time it can strain your eyes.  If you are prone to Migraines I would stick with a plain e-reader with e-ink and get a regular tablet for the web surfing.
The nook and kindle tablets are very similar having the same issues with the e-reader.  Do you want more memory?  In a tablet you will want that option.  Because movies, apps and books will suck up your memory fast.  And you will be wanting more.  So this is why my opinion would be the Nook over the Kindle.  I also like the option of walking into a store if I have issues compared to the telephone calls and sending it off via mail.  Not saying the person at the store won’t require you to send the Nook off if they can’t fix it.  I just get tired of getting non english speaking idiots that can’t understand my issue with the device.
 iu_Xpl5DLCOM  This is the kindle Fire why it’s better than Nook.  It’s design is sleek and more appealing.  It has better email handling of multiple accounts. It has more Apps to purchase. The Mp3 is better than Nook (not better than IPOD).  More options for Movie streaming i.e Hula plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime. However yearly pass for Amazon is 79 dollars a year.
nook-tablet  It’s lighter than the Kindle, Battery last longer, and has expandable memory. It has a better Browser however Kindle is fixing the bugs and that may even the playing field there.  You can personalize the screen with more options.  Email is scaled to fit your screen unlike Kindle. The keyboard is better. Your reading experience with Magazines are better.  Not to mention it can read ePUB e-book files.  Meaning those free ebooks on the internet can be read on it.  Most libraries use that formant so borrowing from them is a breeze. Better video because it’s less pixelated than Fire.
Most web sites will say that the Fire is a better price and better overall.  It all still depends on what is important to you.

What Nook tablet and Kindle Fire are not
Neither of them are good a multi-tasking. There are a lot of android apps you can’t get and if you love apple apps and there isn’t an android version your out of luck.  They are not the best movie streaming device out there.  Remember they mainly for e-reading.  They are not a replacement for the  iPad.  If you are getting this because it’s cheaper it would be like comparing good Charmin toilet paper to the generic stuff.  It may looks the same and may even feel the same.  But when you add shit to it, it won’t hold up the same.
However if you just need basic email, facebooking, twittering, magazine reading and ok movie watching then I would pick ones of these.  They are still great e-readers.* except for the backlit screen, my opinion. You will not need a light for theses. I still like Nook but if you already have all of your content from Amazon stick with Kindle. 
Do you need a tablet?
If you have a laptop then not really.   It’s more of a luxury or convenience.  Why?  Well first off a laptops can do way more than an iPads.  And now with Google Chrome you can get some of your favorite apps for free.  Like Angry Birds and flixster.  You can not play games like world of war craft or games that require a lot of memory on a tablet.  Typing can be a pain if you hate touch screen.  You can buy a keyboard for them which cost more money and makes it just as much as a laptop.  The screen is definitely bigger that’s a given and the speakers sound quality is better.  If you have a great graffics card then your movie experience is better on the laptop.
Why I like my Tablet over a Laptop you ask?  Portability hands down.  It fits in my purse.  Flips on fast and you don’t have to wait till it boots up.  It has less crashing issues.  Easy to hold compare to an awkward laptop.  I don’t notice the sound quality on movies when I use my high quality headphones.  I watch my Ipad while in the bed and it doesn’t bother my man like the TV does.  The battery life is between 5-10 hours.  Compared to 1-2 hours on my laptop.
Ipad or android tablet
ipad 2 wifi black Ipad 2
xoom_large-1.jpg xoom android
Okay I about drove myself insane trying to decide if I wanted to fork out the money for an Ipad.  And I made the plunge or should I say my hubby bought it for me for Christmas.  I love it.  The only problem?  I should have paid the extra money to get the bigger memory.  It didn’t take long to use up my 16gb.  It’s amazing just how much room videos take.  However you can put them on Icloud to free up room or even your computer.  But if you decide you want to watch a movie and you are no where near a wifi area it can be a little annoying.  There are a lot of apps.  The biggest thing I hear from people is that there is more free apps on droid.  This is true.  Most are kind of crappy considering I have downloaded them on my droid phone.  I have also heard on ipad’s defense that there is less virus issues on theirs.  I have no idea if this is true or not.  The best android tablet I have heard is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.  Price tag? Still around 600 bucks.  So really the price should not be the reason you choose one.  If you like droid you will have to use your credit card via the net to purchase your apps, movies and music.  I already have an itunes account because of my ipod.  I don’t like my credit card out on the net and can buy itune cards instead which are like gift cards.  Yes there are some things that don’t work on Ipad that require flash player for instance facebook games.  Not that big of a deal since I find other games to get addicted to on the app section.  Other things that require flash have apps to download to get around the flash issue.  For example most of the networks like NBC,ABC and HBO have apps to add that are free.   I can even watch my Dish Network on Ipad but I can on my android phone as well.  No matter what site I seem to go to unless it’s a droid one.  Ipad 2 is still ranked the top tablet out there.  That’s another reason apple hasn’t lowered their price.  No one can compete or so most of the websites say.  I like ipad2 because it’s simple and in my life I need simple.  Need more to decicde?  Check out this web site for the specs on all the tablets out there.,2806,2358246,00.asp
So conclusion?  I have a multiple electronics.  I have my Ipod for my Mp3, my nook simple e-ink so I don’t strain my eyes, and I have my Ipad for my movies, apps and facebooking.  I love my android phone but until they catch up I will stick with my iPad2.  So in my world I love apple and droid.
Hope that helps.


All You Can Books said...

I bought a Kindle Fire, because I read only good and interesting feedback and reviews about this device. It doesn't have external memory, but it has other great features like Wifi. I can watch different movies, play my favorite online games and many more. I love to do this kind of stuff on this little device. Thank you for this article.

NurseNightmare said...

I was looking at the fire. But i know how stubborn i can be and thought i would be disappointed that it wouldn't be as good as the iPad.