Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello and Happy New Year

I hate this time of year.  But not as bad as the crazy grouchy shoppers of Christmas. Glad that is over.  You know the time of year I am talking about where people make their New Year resolutions and in about oh 3-4 months forget all about what they were changing or doing. Then you have the Dieters who start up after the first of the year making the gym impossible to work out at.  I have been redoing weight watchers since October and yes I took 2 weeks off during the holidays.  I was surprised that I didn’t gain especially after all the stupid twix and cookies I ate.  But anyway this is the time of the year where you want to make changes.  I say bleck to that so here is to more bitching, complaining and craziness of my life.  I have plenty of unwritten blogs that I should have written over the holiday crazy but was busy trying to hold down the fort.  So I hope you enjoy the next few days of my whininess.  At least I am forewarning you. 

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