Sunday, January 22, 2012

There not mine...but

I have kids and I have at least taught them basic manners and etiquette. It's becoming harder and harder for me to keep my mouth shut anymore. I think the older I get the more I am becoming like my father. I am not afraid to voice my opinion anymore. Dealing with other peoples rude kids on a daily basis is really testing my patience. I am so tired of hearing excuses of why their children act the way they do. Anywhere from oh it's their moms fault for spoiling them or their dads fault for not being more active in their life. Let's not forget the favorite one of mine kids will be kids. Now mind you my kids are far from perfect. I still struggle with grade, gossip and bickering. However you will never see them climbing all over the furniture in restaurants or yelling and crying during a movie.

For example as i sit here in Starbucks 2 preteen girls are yammering at the top of their lungs and jumping from chair to chair. While i watch the look of disgust from the surround tables of people who are trying to work on homework. Others who are trying to finish up work emails or just wanting to enjoy some down time. I come to Starbucks to blog, read, Facebook check or just simply relax before work. These kids are being really rude running around and carrying on like 3 yr olds. Where is the parents? The 2 moms are talking with each other and pretending their kids are not with them.

Some of it these issues is that we are so in tuned without electronics that we ignore our children. I saw one lady busy yacking on phone while her kid, age 2 or so, was wandering around playing with the handicap button on the door. While I was in line at the store I was watching the kid thinking I could possibly catch the kid before she got into the road. Since at any time she could run out the door and into traffic. What is wrong with people today? I don't think people discipline their kids anymore either. They are too afraid to hurt their self esteem. The only way to build a great self esteem is character building. If everything is handed to them in the beginning of their life when they get out into the real world they will have no idea how to cope. Ideal with those rejects at work everyday. These 19 yr olds on disability for anxiety who have never been in the real world. Now I am not knocking anxiety it is a real disease. However because we are sheltering our children too much they don't have the skills to cope with everyday tasks or jobs. Well i didn't go to work because the boss hurt my feelings. I am not a people person because all my life I only communicated with my xbox and can't have real live conversations. Ugh. Irks the crap out of me. These are the people who will be taking care of our generation when we get older. Scary! I hope buy then they have robot CNAs. Because if I crap my diaper I know theatre all going to stand around and say I am not changing that. I don't like the smell. What how did you deal with you children's diapers? Oh my mom raised my kids cause I wasn't ready for them yet. Wow!

So for the love of God pay attention to your kids because the rest of the world is tired of babysitting. We are tired or listening to them are screaming and throwing their tantrums. Stop using the excuse I pick my battles. Because if you don't start acting like a parent you will have contributed to the downfall of this country. It's not cute when they act bad. You may laugh and say isn't funny that they Said shit? Um no makes them sound inbred and uneducated. It's not cute when they scream mine mine mine like this 8 yr old in Walmart I saw trying to take her toy from her 3 yr old brother. If you can't control your kids maybe you should keep them home. Because if not I may just tell you like I did the woman in the movies. If they dont get their kids for behind us from kicking and carrying on I will move down 4 rows where the parents are sitting and kick their seats though out the movie. Glad they heard me since I bitched loud enough. They removed their brats from behind me. Oh and by the way the ER is not the place to bring your children. Letting them run around and play in the floor where poop and pee and other germs are is just sick. If they are healthy keep them home because bringing them to the ER where sick people go will = sick kids 3 days later.

Do your job raise your kids. Nobody else wants to do your job.

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Texan Zombie Goddess said...

i never hold my tongue. Screw that. My friends' daughter, in the sixth grade with mine, has been sneaking out, not going home and is now failing her classes because she won't do homework. The other day they were over for pizza and I looked at her and said, "So, have you pulled your head out of your butt and decided if you want to go to the seventh grade or do you like failing your classes?" Her mother, who blames *everyone* but herself for her childs' fuck-upness, just sat there. I am tired of it. If she is going to complain to me about her dumbass kid, I am going to voice my opinion. Don't want my opinion, keep your trap shut.

But that is just me.

Ann Worthington said...

This is why I used to refuse to take my youngest out in public. I'm glad she isn't an asshat in public anymore.

Cartoon Characters said...

Well said. I wish all the parents in the world would read this....but then, if they did, they would say..." That's not MY kid!!!"...