Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad night, bad shift

Ugh I hate being the small fish in the big pond.  Yes I know as a nurse you have to start at the bottom and crawl your way back up the ladder.  Oh what fun.  So this fill in shift shit sucks.  I work days, then nights, then mid shift…grrr….then i am on one rotation then another.  I might work  2 weekends in a row then off one.  Then the crazy work a day off a day work 2 days off a day.  By the time I get my chores done and all my errand run I feel like I got no day off.
Worse is the difference in the two rotations.  One has all the help and works great at helping each other out.  The other is short and has a couple of lazy people who won’t get off their ass to help no one.  Even to the point of us helping them to catch up when they’re behind.  Well not a problem, but instead of sitting on your ass while I am doing your job to help you could you please help me when my patients need something ?  That’s only courtesy.
Worse thing was the day on the lazy short shift we had 5 critical patients come in.  Who got one? Me the new grad, the one that still figuring out what we do first.  I had new meds, new drips I didn’t know how to do.  Couldn’t find anyone that could help.  Got fussed on by the doctor because I wasn’t doing it in her order even though I was told by another nurse what I was suppose to do first.  Then didn’t deliver meds fast enough.  I don’t give a ferret’s anus what that Dr.. wanted but I wasn’t about to hang Cardizem without some instruction.  I love the lazy one that was overwhelm too that said I am too busy I have my own critical patients. Thanks…  I was so terrified to give that digoxin since the BP was  88/60.  I sure as hell couldn’t talk to the doctor, not that i didn’t try. She could give a rats ass if I was a new grad.  This is why when your technically on orientation one should not be left alone with no help or ask questions to.  Its not the staffs fault its the one that schedules it.

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