Sunday, August 22, 2010

What did you swallow?

So when i was a nurse student we got to observe in surgery. And the day I got to go was amazing.
Male pt from correctional facility, object blocking cardiac spinchter (stomach for non nurses)
Was unable to remove by way of mouth ie. EGD due to rough edges may cause GI bleed
I got to see Breathing tube placement which was cool and then a NG tube that went into stomach to make sure that excess blood was sucked out.
We got to witness being cut thru the layers of the stomach...he made about a 9 cm cut. and one by one he pulled out 5 tobacco can lids.. holy crap...before he sewed up the pt. we got to see the small intestines...that was wicked...
I ended up having the patient on Med surge rounds later that week...i had to ask...while he was handcuffed to the in the world did he get those lids down...he stated that he rolled them up and tied them with toilet paper...and when the stomach acid hit the toilet paper they expanded...
I found out that alot of inmates do this to get a vacation from the joint...damn and i was complaining that some of my vacations suck

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