Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shot of Reality: I do nothing

Dear man,
Why is it I have to leave you a note on what to do around the house or what to pick up for the house.  No one writes notes for me.  I am sure that it would go over great if I stop buying you your shit cause you didn't write me a note…
Sincerely your wife not your mother

Dear boss,
I know I have just started this job but have I pissed you off already?  What the hell is with the 6 days of work, off a day and then 6 more?  Especially when one of my shifts was 4 effin hours?  I would like a WHOLE day off.  I know that I am fill in help but I didn’t know I would be working everyday.  I thought this was suppose to be 12 hour shifts...grr
Sincerely getting screwed

Dear Oldest who is turning 13,
Could you please make your bed correctly and not just throw the quilt over the bare mattress.  Also empty containers used for lunch don’t need to multiply in your room.  It’s not like dishes is your chore so stop hiding them in your room…sheesh  Mold is not the new color.
Sincerely, Grossed out mom

Dear Mother Nature,
I don’t know if your going through menopause but the hot flashes makes it hard to breathe outside…so you can send fall weather soon it would be much appreciated
Sincerely Ready for cooler weather

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