Friday, August 13, 2010

Doctor Dumb Ass

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My dad who hates the medical field finally goes to a doctor gets a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.   So they send him to a specialist.  Who can only get him in 2 weeks later, not a problem.  The doctor had all of his files, films and even his daily diary of what issues he has had each day for a month.  He goes to the Doctors appointment and meet with the MS specialist.  He tells him that he doesn’t think he has MS, great news right?  So my dad asks him why do you say this?  Well no one at your age usually gets diagnosis this late in life.  So my dad asks him what about my scans and the problems I have been having.  The doctor says oh I haven’t looked at it yet.  I am going on vacation and we will me a month from now.  So another words there is no definite that he doesn’t have MS.  So he is going to tell him this without reviewing a damn thing and make him wait a month?  What kind of prick does this?  First of my dad never goes to the doctors it took the whole family including grandkids to get him to go.  I could just kicked this guy’s ass for this.  Its hard enough to get my dad to trust the medical system.  So my dad asks well do I still take the MS medicine?  The doctor told him yea just in case to keep you from getting further brain damage.  Umm what kind of damage is it doing if he doesn’t have MS you prick?  Plus we can already look back in his last 5 yrs where has show some signs of issues.  He just never went to the doctors!!! GRRRRR I wish I lived closer I would give that doctor a piece of my mind.  I wish that doctors got paid by the way they treat their patients too..

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