Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My ear is leaking

My Cna comes out into the hallway to inform me that something was wrong with the lady’s ear in rm12. So Igo and investigate. I ask the patient what seems to be the matter. She then tells me that she was cleaning out her ear with a q-tip and she noticed that something black was coming from her ear. So I look in her ear. I can’t see anything by just looking at it. She then proceeds to tell that she tried the other ear and has the same problem with the left on. I ask for the dirty q-tip. Yep something black all over both of them. Still puzzled I was getting ready to get the odoscope to check out her ears.Till I glanced on her bedside table and noticed her q-tips in a cup with straws, scissors, pencils and PENS…i look in the cup…apparently the pen had leaked and the q-tips absorbed the ink. Viola mystery solved she was putting ink in her ear…no injury…though she was truly embarrassed

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