Monday, August 2, 2010

duh huh

After a long shift in the ER all I wanted to do was go home.  Of course this was the time that the sky decided to unzip and let the torrential down pour to start.  I was standing there hoping that it would slow down just a tad.  Another employee was outside waiting out the rain to get to her car.  She said “ I can’t wait forever I have an hour drive home guess I’ll have to run for it.  Then at that moment the lights went out leaving us in pitch black and the sound of tons of rain beating down on the overhang.  Freaking great now I can’t even see my car to know which way to run.  I wasn’t sure if I was parked on the right or left.  I did know that I wasn’t able to find a parking spot close and had to park in the back lot.  Well I was like her I got to get home I have an early shift in the am and I worked a late one this evening.  So we decided to made a run for it…while running I must have hit every puddle.  My nursing shoes were soaked and squishy.  I was darting hoping to miss the hidden deep puddles.  No luck.  I had to stop and try to make out my car in the pitch black night.  Finally spotting mine the furthest away i made a bee line to it.   By the time I got to my car I wouldn’t need to take a shower because there wasn’t a dry stitch of clothing on me. I looked like a drowned rat.  I was trying to get my cell phone out to assess the damage.  It was wet of course but still working.  My glasses were fogged up and wet.  I didn’t have a single napkin in the car.  I headed home and the ground was so heavy with rain that the road had about 4 or more inches of rain on it.  My car belts squeaked as they got wet.  So no glasses, wet to the bone, flooding on the road I had to drive 5 miles and hour.  This of course pissed of the driver behind me.  Which decided to ride my ass so close I couldn’t see his headlights anymore.  I really wanted to slam my breaks on.  I hate jerks like that.  So  I decided to swing by Mcdee and get me a late supper and sweet tea and hope the rain would let up. By the time I got through the long drive through line the rain had died down. 
The fries were nice and hot and I expected my tea to be cold.  Nope it was hot and gross..which then proceeded me to choke on my so called “ ice” tea.  Since you have no control of choking I spewed tea all over my steering wheel all over my arms and my already drenched uniform.  I couldn’t stop coughing.  Here I am driving down the interstate trying not to wreck.  Hmm sorry officer I didn’t mean to wreck but McDee tea was choking me and it caused me to wreck.  Hmm I can see the lawsuit case already…so if your drinking your “ice” tea and it has a warning “ice” tea might be warm and not cold be careful may cause choking.  Then I won my case…lol

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