Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hanging on by a thread


I have been trying to keep my head above water at school, between trying to juggle work and many other things for school it makes it hard to get good study time.  In nursing you have to have a C in order to pass (75).  I have had to B on my tests and the rest have been C.  Mainly because I really need to increase my study time.  The biggest scare is that I have the worse freaking subject left…immunology and endocrine…ugh  So instead of hunting this year at thanksgiving I will be working on my 3 papers and redoing my stupid care plan.  I didn’t learn how to do the care plan like the 1st year students did.  She was a little more lenient on the LPN students because we all messed up the same parts.  So we get to redo it and turn it in after thanksgiving…I hope to get time to study for this freaking test…I am sssooooooo tired…that I am trying to stay awake in class…and trying not to fall asleep behind the wheel….sheesh…if i graduate…i plan to sleep a month to catch up…

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