Thursday, November 26, 2009

Redneck Holiday

Hello all from the the bottom of redneck hill with the holiday madness…

We actually didn’t have any drama because meth ho and her spawn stayed home. Unfortunately someone in the family on my brother-in-laws side had passed away. But we still went on with the festivities…
First my there was ass grabbing…by my man and his sis? Yea i know to much info..i asked if they were from west va and found out that yes their is family from there…hmm that explains alot.
My brother-in-law was out hunting..and my man was the only male in the house…i could see his man hood shriveling…lol Usually they are the ass grabbers acting retarded…i actually have a picture of them pretending to be attacking each other with knifes….so my man stuffed his face and out the door hunting he went. Most of the fun was around my niece who’s catch phrase of the day was “no way” with such attitude!
then my nieces thought i would be great to take white powder sugar from the donuts the 2 yr old was eating and put it under her nose. Next the instructed her to say “i love cocaine” great…that's just what she needs to repeat at preschool…i was a bit comical though…when she was going up to people saying i love cocaine…
Ugh i ate so much that i think I am going to hurl…never go to thanksgiving starving…you eyes will be bigger than ur stomach.
So i have left the feast and headed home…because in this family more than 3 hours (not days) it starts to stink…esp after those deviled eggs
so i am here on the couch in pj…no man and kids quietly playing somewhere…ahhh what a day…i would go to bed now…but i better wait at least an hour for my belly to settle…wish me luck i go out in the crazy blk friday tomorrow for the first time with my sister-in-law..4 am is early…means i will be up by 3.
i hope everyone had a blast on their turkey day!!!

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