Sunday, November 1, 2009

psychotic or demented?

Okay so you get a new pt because the state hospital has declined them…an emergency admission. Yea! Then your told that the pt. like to wander..ok demented…also likes to attack for no reason..never no what might set him off. Great…why is he in a room with a pt that can’t get out of the bed then? Sometimes uses the bathroom and sometimes doesn’t. Won’t always let you assist him to the bathroom and won’t wear depends…great…stays up 3days at a time then crashes for a day. Hey lets put him with other pts who are trying to have a normal life and sleep. Then it starts all over. Well lets just say within 12 hours Haldol was ordered..because he tried to attack a nurse. So does the state still think its dementia and not psychosis? Give me a break…what makes him crazy when he attacks a resident or a nurse? Hello he already attacked the family member and police was called…ding ding ding can we say crazy??? We are not staffed to take care of this high need patient…why the hell did we accept this pt? Just to fill a bed? Thanks admissions…we get the bruises and you get the money.

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