Monday, November 16, 2009

Moon Crazies patients

m_ab79e6ad48f6b8c7f72682a8927f4462(pic took w/ my camera attached to my dads telescope)
Have you ever experienced Moon Crazies behaviors associated with the Full moon?
I work in a Long Term Care Facility and I HATE full moons because for next few days it seems like all of the patients I care for are louder, more prone to disruptive behavior, more unwilling to cooperate, and would revert to behaviors they usually don’t do like (biting, nudity, screaming fits, destroying property, refusing medication, etc).
I've Bet my readers out there that are in other professions have experience some type of Luna craziness, i.e. (cops, ER workers, EMTs, funeral directors, coroners, mental hospitals workers). Have you noticed?....Are you a believer of this phenomenon? Tell me what do you think? Share stories…or just tell me you think its all in our heads. That we expect the worse so the worse happens?

I know that my pts refused to take their medicine today, were trying to climb out of their beds without assistance, crying more, moaning more, yelling more, and I swear at one point today all my call lights were on down the hallway. Not to mention I must of had to call the doctor at least 4 times today to get some type of new meds…ugh Even fully staffed today and I feel like I ran a marathon today…darn full moon…give it a rest already

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