Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Okay first some history….my man before having a ready made family use to keep loaded guns around the house because you never know what kind of crazy might break in. Paranoid? No prepared he tells me. He actually had a loaded gun in his recliner. He told me that he was sleeping one time and this bible seller came in the house and he said he scared the crap out of the man because he pulled the gun on him. Course the jack ass shouldn’t have come in the house while he was sleeping. Anyway when me and my girls moved in he had to break the habit of having loaded guns. Because if something happen to my girls I would be force to shoot him…lol
He does pretty good and locks his guns and bullets up now but around hunting season he sometimes forgets and i have to nag him…yes I said nag…because i tell him and it goes in one ear and out the other. Knowing my luck I would be me cleaning and I would end up shooting myself. Course he tells me to leave his crap alone and he would clean it up himself. Yea okay 3 months later maybe. Anyway…a couple days ago he was putting his bullets back up in the lock box and the lock fell off and on to the dresser top…KABOOM!!!
My hubby says all he saw was a flash of light…and oh shit what did i shoot???
Nothing thank GOD…dumbass had bought some high power poppers for forth of July and some fell out of the box and when the lock fell off it hit one of those and scared the shit out of my man. I laughed my arse off at him. Serves him right! I think now he will try a little harder..at least for a little while.

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