Thursday, November 19, 2009

My life in ciaos

Okay dialysis paper and AA are still due,
Get tomorrows notes for muscular system too.
One more dose of Sim’s Lab left to do,
I haven’t even started the questions, boo hoo.
Registration for spring, Graduation form turned in,
More money to come up with, this should be the end.
Make up clinicals for the free clinic coming soon,
Time for 12 hours at work, great a full moon.
12 hours nah, let’s make it 14 hours instead,
No help again, guess i will come home dead.
Get out the poster board, get out the glue,
It’s time to teach brushing teeth to rugrats too.
1st of the month, have i done the bills yet?
Nope its the 5th and I am now far in debt.
Kids to and from church tonight,
Say a pray for mom alright?
School uniform washing for clincals next week,
I forgot my uniform last time, i just started to shriek.
Questions for psych, missed that email,
Hurry up, hurry up, I am going to fail.
Dog jumping on laptop
Feed me Feed me you forgot!
12 year old cooking again, not time to stop,
My Care plan is due, my head is about to pop.
School nurse and OB next on the list,
Oh darn, man’s birthday I just about missed.
Christmas shopping done yet? It’s almost here,
Nope last minute shopping for me I fear.
3am care plan is done,
Printer has died, oh great, what fun.
Why does this thing decided to waits until then?
Jump drive and email to the rescue again.
Woke up at 5 with sick kid number 2
With a nice temperature of 102.2.
Kid 1 calls, my lunch pail is at home!
Sorry mom is in school, can’t answer the phone.
6 months to go, until the big date,
Won’t my life be dull….after I graduate.

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