Friday, November 20, 2009

Sim Patients

So usually we have Sims lab at Radford university even though we have our own Sims lab. The sad part is that there is not enough faculty to actually run it. But this last Thursday we actually got to use it will our teacher. Now mind you it wasn’t as organized as our main SIMS. But these SIMS were set up to keep failing as we were failing. For Example the first group of 4 went up and had a patient that was in the ER for a knee amputation that was bleeding. So they knew that they had to put pressure on the site. But there was no orders to go by to figuring out the meds or protocol was really hard. They hung Fluids and gave pain meds…but the patient got worse and before you knew it they were doing CPR. 1233It was actually more comical…because they were running around..and it was so chaotic… But they were trying harder and harder and the patient just got worse…I was dreading my turn…well out patient was a surgery patient that came in to the ER unconscious with a crazy wife that we had to try to calm down and get out of the room because she was beating on the patient. Come to find out we had to go back and get info from her to find out that the patient had OD on Lortabs. So we had to give Narcan and fluids…and then the patient of course got to decline on us and we had to use the ambu bag on the patient. ambu%20bag%20pt The more we did the more thing the patient declined….it was comical..but the reality is it was scary as hell…that at some point…i will be doing this for real!
We got to practice putting in ET tube…which was awesome…

We also convinced the teacher to do the simulation…so we could have a good laugh..forgot she worked in ER on her summer days…crap she did pretty good with 2 other students…even one of the students pretended to be the girlfriend of the gun shot wound patient…now that was comical…she did an awesome crazy person…so that was my fun on Thursday. We also ate out to celebrate the last clinical for the year!!!! whoo hoo!!!

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