Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spread em’

My friend that works as a cashier told me when I see my hubby to asked him not to steal anymore sunglasses again. So of course I had to ask my hubby what sunglasses did you try to steal today…when I got home…he grinned…and proceeded to tell me the story…
My hubby works for Pepsi and he works in a few different grocery stores…he was coming out of a certain big chain store…when he set the alarm off...and since he knew most of the people that work there he decided to be amusing and put his hands on the wall and “spread em” position…yelling at the door greeter…It’s not me…you can check. Mind you this door greeter was probably mortified because she was at least 80yrs old. She states that's umm not my job someone from the back does that... The cashiers at this point were laughing hysterically at my hubby and the customers glaring at the site of my hubby spread out like a criminal on the wall. Someone finally came over and they asked what he had purchased…apparently the sunglasses that he bought where setting off the alarms. The wonderful cashier forgot to deactivate them.

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