Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost Caught the house on Fire

Okay so like I was saying in the previous blog the power was out yesterday. Well everyone but me went to bed. I was trying to stay up long enough for the power to come back on so I could set alarms and turn off all the lights. I was seriously thinking about going to bed…and figured that crap the lights will probably wake me up or not and run the electric bill sky high. Finally some time after 10pm…the lights kick on. Yup every light was on. I started back at the kids rooms and bathroom and flicked lights off and blew out candles. I then went out the front door for a min or so and looked at the moon came back in and the house was full of smoke…hmm to much to be the blown out candle crap there is a candle that caught something on fire so I am looking in the living room for a turn over candle…Only to find in the kitchen when the man took the food off the stove to the grill…he assumed I turned off the stove and i assumed he did. Apparently one of the kids assumed that too because there was a potholder on top of the stove in flames!!! So running to the stove i grab the only part not on fire and threw it in the sink and douse it with water trying to put it out. There was pretty much nothing left of the gloved pot holder. Had I gone to bed or stayed outside much longer the paneling would have caught fire and that would have been all she wrote. Grief…and none of the 3 fire alarms went off. And nobody even woke up. So guess what new fire alarms all around!
I just don’t see why it didn’t work…lol…okay I couldn’t help myself!
This better?alarm_ringing_md_wht

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