Friday, June 19, 2009

double gloved


I have a sick sense of humor…but it was kinda funny can’t help but share it.  Had a doctor as me if the patient had yet been checked for a impaction yet.  Me and my preceptor said no but we can if you need us to.  Nah I can do it but you guys can assist me.  Went in the doctor starts tell the patient what he is going to do.  We put on our gloves and he is pulling on a second set of gloves.  “ I always double glove…cause its bad enough when the toilet paper tears…and this isn’t even my poop." So he proceeds to stick his finger where the sun don’t shine.  When he removes his finger she farts a big wet fart and poop goes flying everywhere…and the doctor jumps back nearly tripping over the bed table to get out of the way…poop all over the bed and rail…just missing the White coated doctor…apparently…double gloved doesn’t necessarily mean your safe…the dr chuckles…”hmm i don’t believe she is impacted”…
Maybe a rain coat, goggles and double glove…hehe

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