Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don’t not give OJ to your nursing books

I need a desk no if and or butts. Why you ask? Because I have the most accident prone child. If she can get hurt she does and if she can get it dirty she will. Last semester she spilled pop on my A & P Lab manual. That was sitting on the counter. This semester she decorated my Med Surge book with OJ. Thank God it missed my Health Assessment homework. Let’s not even include her own stuff or anyone else's that she has spilled liquids on. 06txt24unexpectedboxfromunexpectedb
So I have come to realize that the kitchen table isn’t the best place to try to do homework. The only problem is no money and living in a small home makes it hard to fix this issue. My current desk is a computer desk armoire. I don’t use the computer, cause it’s ancient and have upgraded to a laptop. So I gave it to the kids for their room…with the computer out I realize you cannot turn it into a functional writing desk. GRR… So now what? I search for a cheap desk that is small. It took me about a week to finally find something that wasn’t 800 dollars or the size of my kitchen table.
Assembly…this is where as the redneck turns starts…rebel_flag
I love my hubby and he is great at rigging things together and actually making it work. The problem is he never follows the direction on assembly of things. He wants to figure it out. Well the last time we put something together we had to take it all apart and turn it the correct direction…which made the project
So his bright idea was to use extra glue to make it stronger. It took pleading to convince him not to due to previous issues. Thank God he listen. It took the entire family to put this little desk together. And yes at least once we had to flip something back around. So thank you for using NO GLUE…so an hour or so later here it is…Crammed into the kitchen next to the table. Its a tight fit but maybe it will be safe from the Super Spiller.
that's my computer cord going across…i type on the couch…
Pretty close don’t you think? Oh well

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