Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RN School crazies

msndollzu_1204825530 Okay so school has been crazy and it got crazier today…first lets just say I got to be the Model pt. (not a good thing) I got to be in my sports bra and stretchy shorts in front of 15 of my classmates while my instructor showed them how to do a full head to toe assessment. That sucked! It took an hour a freakin hour. Just what I wanted was my flab out for the world to see and my neon white legs. Anyway I started my day at 830 and then ate a quick packed lunch, cause the next class was too soon to leave campus. I did the next class from 1 till 515pm. The teacher seems really nice. The part that gets on my freakin nerves is this LPN that just rubs me the wrong way. school You know the type…has a family member with the affliction or knows someone that has it. Always asking dumb questions or stories to tell that are not related to the subject at hand. Well guess what not only is she in my health assessment class she is in my bridge class. She drives me so crazy that I am seriously thinking about switching classes. Well we were all crammed into this conference room for today only. It was hot and stuffy so the teacher turn on the Ac. Problem was that stupid LPN would get up and turn it back up because she was cold. Thing is the rest of us were hot and using our papers as fans. Finally one of the other students got up and turned it back down…not even 10 mins later she turned it back up…I looked at my lab partner and said if she touches that damn thing one more time I am going to break her fingers! danecooksucks

Course that made her giggle and the teacher glared at us like we were misbehaving. Anyway by that time it was almost the end of class and everyone was glaring at that LPN. Dagger glaring from 8 of us must have finally turn on the light bulb in this retards head cause she got up and turned it back down. Freaking buttass!

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