Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Failed Drug Test


Ha Ha nothing like a title like that to get everyone jumping to this page…thought it was a joke did you? Nope I failed my drug test for nursing. Wanna know why? Well if you read my blog 3 hours and 3 shots to the ass later you would be able to deduct my dilemma. One of the shots was Valium and I tested positive for temazepam, which flags me… great. I explain nicely to the Dr. drug detector what had happen and he states that well diazepam doesn’t break down into that. So he continues to ask…Did you take someone else's medication. I politely thru my teeth state no sir I am a nurse and know better than that. Your not suppose to take anyone else's Rx meds especially narcotics. Its against the law. He continues to argue that I must have taken some one’s Restoril. Hey jackass before you go accusing people you might want to check your drug book. They are in the same drug family dill hole. So what did I get to do today…get my family Dr to send this arse my copy of my ER records…not to mention I had a few drug sites on hand just in case he wanted to continue to argue with me. GRRRR Some Dr’s seem to amaze me…how the hell did they get thru med school…but then again someone had to be in the bottom of there class right?


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