Monday, June 22, 2009

Germaphobe or Gross?

So here I sit in Outpatient waiting to pee in a cup for this lovely drug test for school. I have an appt. however they must have forgotten cause its 20 mins passed time and I have drank enough to pee in 3 cups. urine_cup Lovely right? So while I sit there with my legs cross hoping pee doesn’t spew from my eye balls…I sit there watching the people around me. There is this little girl, turns 2 on the 4th I think I heard the parent say. She is sucking away on this dum dum lollipop. lolipop First thought going thru my mind is I hope I don’t have to do the heimlich maneuver on this kid cause the suckers are known to come off the stick. That is still not the worse of it. She drop it in the floor of the hospital. And the mother picks it up takes out a tissue and wipes it off and the child plops it back into her mouth. First off ewww. Now maybe at my own house the 5 second rule would apply. But in a hospital where people are sick, crap in the floor, vomit…ugh. Yes I know that they clean the floor with powerful products. But not every moment of the day after countless dirty shoes have walked over their clean floor. Would u let your kid lick the lollypop?

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