Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No time for me

Yep its all coming true when you start RN school there is no time for life. I knew that going to the movies and crap like that was out of the question. What I didn’t realize is exactly what that meant…so here goes…
No time to watch TV…thank God for DVR.
No time to read my new favorite book…I would never put it down.
No time to take motorcycle rides.
No time to visit with my parents who came in from IL.
No time to sleep…5 hours is a good night.
No time to cook or clean…thank God for my kids and hubby.
No time to play the DS…sorry Guitar Hero you’ll have to wait.
No time to down load new MP3’s
No time to see my daughters band concert
No time to see my daughters Dare graduation
Just no time…
Barely have time to tell everyone I haven’t die…I swear I will catch you online sometime Mejis
Barely have time to shave my legs…thank God
Barely have time to run my errands and pay bills…hope the lights stay on
Barely have time to get my homework done…yea 12 chapters completed, 120 Multchoice ?’s answered and one math practice test done
Barely have time to study for tests…barely passed my test but i am happy with a C
Barely have time to study for my math exam..due tomorrow wish me luck
Barely have time to read and catch up on Blogs…getting there

Making time to blog or I am going to lose my dang gone MIND!

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