Monday, June 29, 2009

Redneck Man


Yes ladies and germs its that time again. Time to look inside my life of my afro-engineering hubby. My man can come up with some of the most interesting things…i.e. see pic of tomato plant bucket holder on my photoblog. He made a water slide out of a roll of black plastic…baby soap provided by me…since he thought i would be safe for little girls to use regular soap. lol Anyway his new project was the girls campout on the front porch. Why don’t they just sleep in a tent? Well first of all that would be too easy. Second he thinks the bears might eat I seriously doubt that they would…might upset the bears stomach…lol Anyhoo…I just had to take some pics of this interesting contraption now covering my front porch…thank God I am surrounded by other rednecks who probably won’t even look twice…here goes


this is from the entrance…they were still setting up the sleeping bags at this point


now you can’t see them


from inside their redneck tent…lol

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