Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Redneck Lobster

Okay so Mejis man had this great idea lets cook some crawdads (crayfish) to eat.  Well my man was missing so I went to look for him and Mejis man and my man were at the family pond.  My brother in law proceeds to bug me to here eat ones of these…and he points to this pot on the camp stove of 6 crawdads. Ah no thanks…first if you knew how he cooked…no one would want to eat anything.  Course most things are over cooked…but there was no way I was eating anything that was possibly still raw.  I told him he was free to eat all he wanted. That I  really didn’t feel like being sick tomorrow.  So he proceeds to dissect one of these critters and sucking this white meat out of its claws…Hey Bro come eat some of this.  So now my man and him…followed by brother in law boy and my oldest are eating parts of this creature from the back creek.  EWW is all I can say…ahh come on its just like Lobster…and i bite my tongue…cause I want to say to my brother in law when have you ever had the money for that or class…and then Mejis comes down and we chit chat about our redneck men when out of the sky falls a head of a crawdad…her man smiling it wasn’t me it was the boy…so in about 5 min he has crawdad carcasses shoved in places I don’t even want to think of…poor things…anyhow that’s my redneck moment brought to you by BEER.

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