Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop Calling Me


Okay I am being stalked I swear…I keep getting calls to find out where I am and what I am doing and can I please come over. Leaving me messages on my home phone as well as my cell phone. You are my stalker…4 messages from you? I don’t want to why can’t you get this thru your mind? I want nothing to do with you on my days of being with my family. What do you think… I am sitting here at home awaiting your phone call? Praying that you want me to come over. I see you enough 3 times a week is plenty. Especially since I am abused and used by you when I get there. You lie to me telling me that I am needed when all I am is another body. I am busy with blogging or at starbuks…even if I am home does not mean I want to come over…get a clue…when I say I will be there 3 days a week and 12 hours a day only…I mean it….quit harassing me…NO mean NO! I don’t have time today its called blogging and I can’t help it that your boss won’t hire anyone else! DO NOT CALL ME! Don’t make me change my number!

I don’t not want to work other than the arranged times that we have set….Thank you and hire some more nurses cause the rest of us are tired of it. It’s not like your going to work on your days off if we are short…I don’t see you missing family get together….you always have the holidays off and more than every other weekend off to see your family…no overtime is not worth it.  Especially when uncle sam takes most of it. So don’t call me….the answer will be NO i am not coming into work!


Ann Worthington said...

Ha! I never answered the phone on my days off if work called.
They need to hire some more people. Instead of harassing you guys. Sheesh.

Dark Mother said...

When I worked, I never answered my phone on my days off either and caller I.D. is a gift from the Gods. Everything you've said is completely true and those cheap bastids need to hire some more nurses.

NurseNightmare on Trauma Drama Street said...

yea this week everyone is working overtime...ugh

Cartoon Characters said...

I just worked 7 hours of OT on Sunday...wasn't too bad but then I am getting too old for nights.

Good news is, 7 hrs is just enough to get one whole 11 hour shift off that I need for the rest of my vacation. For that I don't long as it benefits ME...otherwise, I agree with you!