Monday, August 1, 2011

Tuesday: Randomness

  1. I seriously hate people who ride in the fast lane going 5 miles slower than the speed limit.  But I also hate those that ride my ass while I am in the fast lane because they are doing 10 miles over the speed limit.
  2. Catastrophe avoided.  My oldest child’s cockatiel learned tonight how to free himself from his cage.  I learn how fast I can scoop up 3 schnauzers so they don’t eat said bird.
  3. Apparently the woods near the house is a Meth haven.  I now sleep near a loaded gun.  Try me assholes!
  4. Talking about Meth…Meth ho who has been removed from Mejis blog because she refuses to talk about her and her negativity even though we fans love it. Has apparently gained 50 lbs.  Welcome to the club bitch.  Except some of us have boobs and a butt.  Curves are good but you look bloated.
  5. Had a work meeting about how we love our new hospital.  Let’s just say it was pretty much a bitch fest.  Need to post update. I know I know…
  6. Spent 200 dollars on back to school items.  None of which was clothes.  WTF?
  7. Is anxiously waiting for trueblood next Sunday…they better not kill off Jess.  Let’s get rid of Tara she is but ugly anyhow.
  8. Is severely addicted to electronic gadgets…damn technology.
  9. My dog farted…and my eyes are watering and I am trying not to gag and barf up my food.  You needed to know that.

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