Monday, August 1, 2011

Random dog crazies

  1. My little black dog is still eating trash.   She ran out of my daughters bathroom with her maxi pad in her mouth….ewwwww.  Gross dog what the hell is wrong with you.
  2. My new schnauzer is strange.  Barks at absolutely nothing.  In fact while the other dogs are barking at the neighbors.  He will be facing the opposite way barking into the wind.  Dumb dog
  3. My black lab cleans his behind so much he look like he bleaches his anus.  Bright white..and a black dog.  You can see his butt hole a mile away.  You needed to know this.  OCD dog
  4. My chocolate lab is the laziness dog of them all.  In fact if you get up and head to the bedroom she thinks its bedtime and will go to bed.  Even if we just woke up 10 mins ago.
  5. My New schnauzer can reach his butt.  Or can’t figure it out.  Unlike the blk lab who can.  In fact he is the only dog that can figure a way to crap and get his poop stuck in his fur.  Or dribble it down his leg.  On that note.  We actually have a poop duty station.  A box of wipes at the back door where the person who lets him back in inspects his butt region for any remnants of unwantables left behind on his behind.
  6. My Little schnauzer sleeps completely upside down making him look like a rag mop because of his long hair…see belowIMG_2891
  7. My white boxer knows when I have vacuumed even if she wasn’t in the house when I did.  Because the first thing she does is rolls around on the floor to replace the vacuumed hair or rubs herself on my brown couch to prove to everyone she was here.
  8. My little schnauzer is afraid of the floors in Petsmart.  So much it makes me wonder what he actually sees.  Because where the floor is too shiny in spots he stops and acts like the floor drops off into a endless black pit.  I have to pick him up and carry him over the area.  Then he is back to walking like nothing ever happened.  Weird.
  9. SANY0631  apparently the white boxer is jealous that she wasn’t invited to the picture.
  10. And last but not least…droid 076the little schnauzer loves to lounge in the car…and huff and puff after a hard day at obedience class.  Even though I am pretty sure I worked harder than he did.

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