Friday, August 26, 2011

Day of our Redneck lives: Take me to the ER

The entire 10 yrs. that I have been with my hubby he has been to the Dr twice and that’s because I made him the appointment.  He is stubborn and never listens to the nurse in the house.  In fact see here of another episode of Days of our redneck lives.  So when my husband calls to tell me he thinks he needs to go to the ER I listen.  My husband was having tingling down his arm.  So here I am asking the cardiac question wishing I could actually see him.  Don’t feel sweaty~ check, Don’t feel short of breath~ check, no indigestion ~check, no chest pain~check.  So I ask how long has this been going on?  On and off for the last 2 days.  But it’s now apparently worrying him enough to think about the ER.  My husband doesn’t show much pain either.  So when I arrive at his work’s parking lot he appears just fine.  But I go with him to the Dr office.  Why because it doesn’t seem to be cardiac and if I take him to the ER they are going to treat it as such.  And for a man that had never been to the ER that isn’t a diagnosis to arrive to the ER for the first time.  He would be overwhelmed and poked and prodded.

  So we head straight to the doctors office.  They would be opening in 15 mins.  The doctor asks him the same cardiac questions only to conclude that he didn’t think it was cardiac too.  However he wanted to do an EKG.  They did find a delay in his heart but he wasn’t too concerned because it could have been there all his life.  However to be on the safe side he wanted to run a few tests.  Mind you my husband has never in his 42 years ever had any test done.  Other than x-rays.  First he had and EKG.  The nurse decided to dry shave his chest.  The chest hair he always says to me that it took 42 years to grow.  Looks hilarious now.  I got to rip off the EKG stickers…muahah. 

Then he had to have blood drawn.  First for that too…and he jumped.  Which means he is bruised to no end today.  Last is his stress test which is Friday.  I kind of told him some of the things to expect.  But depending on which kind they do he might end up with an IV.  I didn’t want to scare the crap out of him.  I was nice and told him that he will be running on a tread mill.  I also don’t ever recall my man running….ever.  He has to not eat from midnight on.  Not a problem for him since he goes to bed early.

 But the icing on the cake was when the doctor asked about his smoking or drinking history.  No smoking he tells the doctor.  I drink some.  The doctor says some?  Yea 8 beers a day.  The doctor looked a little shocked.  That’s a lot.  Do you ever think you might cut back?  He told him the same crap he tells me.  I quit drinking hard liquor.  He replies back well 2 beers a day is fine 3 is pushing it.  Can you quit.  He tells the doctor probably but I don’t want to.  That’s when the doctor tells him that 8 beers a day classifies him as an alcoholic.  I think that shocked him…because for the last few days he went from 8 to 4.  Which is hard to believe.  Hope its lasts…I will keep you updated on the stress test when we get the results back.

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Anonymous said...

I love the warning sign. lol
Let's hope he cuts down on the alcohol now that a doctor told him he's an alcoholic. My man would give a rat's ass.