Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy, Rodeo Patients

So I got called upstairs to CCU because security (Rent a cop) couldn’t help the nurses control a patient that was waking up from a drug overdose. He ripped his tube out and was trying to hit the nurses. In fact when me and my tech showed up there was 5 nurses and one security. I helped hold on leg while the tech was holding the other one. Let just say while the CCU nurse was trying to strap down the legs the tech and I went for a ride in the air. He thru our heavy butts just about into the floor. I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco. Finally the Nurse supervisor got an order for a medicine to help calm the patient. What a freaking 1mg of Ativan? Really…like that would do anything. But after the patient attempted to bite the nurse who should have known better about her arm placement…the sedative calmed him enough for him to think rationally. We were able to get his restraints back on. I did notice that rent a cop was standing in the corner looking like he was going to crap his pants.

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