Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retail :where the customer is always wrong

summer 2011 057
(dirty dog in need of a bath)
Why is it today’s generation of retail workers would argue with a fence post?  I went out for a small task.  Trying to find my dog’s awesome flea shampoo.  Called Happy Jack flea shampoo.  Mind you the local store was out so I decided to go down the road a piece and see if they had a bottle.  Nope no luck.  So I bought some flea drops which they also carry that is a great and not as expensive as Advantage.  The cashier proceeds to state did you find everything okay.  (rhetorical question apparently)  I answer no.  Neither one of your stores have the flea shampoo I use.  I guess everyone is bathing their dog this month.  He then asks oh what kind do you use? I tell him.  Oh I don’t think that we carry that brand.  Um yes you do I always buy it here.  You guys have the kennel dip and anti itch shampoo but out of the flea shampoo.  Oh he replied we must be out.  GAUGH!!! Really did I not just say that.
So then I proceed to Petsmart since I am in the big city to get my other dogs whitener shampoo.  They decided to discontinue the brand of shampoo I use.  Lovely.  So I stand their staring at the 4 choices of brands they do carry.  Most of which appear to be the store brand…ugh.  So I stick my head into the grooming dept and ask the lady what whitener shampoo do you recommend? She stares back looking at me like I have to heads.  Um well I use this brand on my white pit-bull and it works pretty good.  Thanks I mumble and step back out and look at the abyss of shampoos.  I then ask someone else opinion.  Who apparently has no pets. Why work in PETMART if you have no experience???  No one can understand that it took me 3 brands of shampoos before one actually whitened my schnauzer hair.  I went to the front with 4 bottles of shampoo.  Whitener for the white dog, oatmeal and conditioner for the other 2 and flea shampoo for them all…40 freaking bucks.  Hello they are dogs right???  The once again the cashier asks did you find everything ok.  I stupidly reply since I didn’t learn from the first store.  Nope you stopped carrying my favorite dog shampoo.  Oh I am sorry.  Which one is it.  Told her.  Oh I don’t think we have ever carried that brand.  At this point I was seething.  I wanted to smack the crap out of the teenager.  Well since I bought it 6 months ago that could be true I replied.  Oh I have been her 2 yrs. now.  Okay…I glare at her and she hand me my bags and out the door I go…to Starbucks to cool my jets and type this rant…grrr
Retail where the customer is never right and we just make up shit for the hell of it.

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