Thursday, August 18, 2011

New hospital: New headaches

erI know I have been in the new hospital now for awhile.  I should have put the post up months ago but I was just hoping it would get better.   So here goes.  We went from a 15 bed ER to a 30 bed ER.  With no more staff…well let me rephrase that with staff in waiting.  Meaning techs that are waiting to take their boards.  Now I am all for new grads since I was one of them but I think we have had enough time to know when the move was going to be.  But its taken forever for them to get new nurses.  I just don’t understand the facility was being built for at least a year why haven’t we trained our new staff?  Because this place is ass backwards.  So now we are in the new hospital were we have 4-7 patients a piece.  When we had 3-4 patients a piece.  Our charge nurse never had patients unless covering for a lunch but now have to take rooms.  Meaning there is no one to bail you out if your drowning. Heaven forbid if you call in sick or take a vacation.  You feel bad leaving your fellow nurses shorter.
There are 32 inch TV’s in everyone of the rooms but there are only 16 monitors in the entire ER.  WTF?  Okay I understand that you are going to put the less critical patients in those rooms but for those of you that are nurses…what do you give ankle breaks or migraine patients???  Narcotics!  Hello how many have given narcotics to those that don’t usually get strong medications?  So when their O2 sats drop from 97 to 82 there will be no way to monitor it.  So you have to drag a vital signs machine in to check them every so often….hmmm more patients less help more work for the nurse.  Does it sound like I have the time to freaking do that?  Of course not.  The tech is even more stretched with all the EKG’s and other commands that the doctors are barking out.
I Actually admitted a patient that had the initial vital signs and then the vital signs before they went up.  Why?  because that nurse didn’t have time to go back around to do it.  Their was a chest pain and a shortness of breath patient that was a little more pressing.  How safe is that? The boss knows but he has his hands tied.  Apparently we aren’t seeing 7 more patients a day than from the old ER.  Even though most of those people were waiting in the ER waiting.  Now they are sticking their heads out of the rooms and barking orders as we run by.  I need a warm blanket, can I have a drink, where is the bathroom, is the doctor ever going to see us?  Sure your tooth ache is my major concern asshole.
Try working night shift where you suppose to stock these 30 rooms.  Yea whatever.  We use to have 2 hours of no patients.  And now we have 20 or more at 3am.  Why?  Because we are located right off the interstate where any traveler can just stop on by.  Yippee!
I use to love my job.  Don’t get me wrong my long weekend sucked but now I dread everyday.  What sucks is we are so short they beg you to come in on your day off on the other rotation.  You are so tired from you shift you don’t want to even think about coming in on your day off.  On the long week you worked 3 12’s and a 8 or  2- 12’s a 10 hour and an 8 hour shift.  But now on our long week its mandatory to work 4 –12’s on your long week.  The government sucks because when you work your ass off and get overtime, they tax the hell out of you.  So it’s not even worth the overtime. GRRR.
I am so aggravated.  They keep telling us it will slow down once the new wears off.  Its been 2 months.  NO CHANGE PEOPLE!  Took make matters worse…I found out that we are the 2 busiest ER in the company and the least paid.  Everyone else makes critical care pay.  Which is 3 dollars more an hour…talk about feeling under appreciated!  So that’s my new hospital rant.  More stories to follow I am sure!

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