Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shot of Reality: Hemorrhoids, Heathens and My Handyman

Dear Patient, 
Hemorrhoids are not a sexually transmitted disease.  Plus you can’t get them from your girlfriend.
Sincerely, trying not to snicker

Dear Overprotective mom (me),
Sometimes its best not to know what your kids are doing on Facebook or what language they are using.
Sincerely I learned my lesson.

Dear work,  
It would be nice if you didn’t schedule all of your in-services in the same month on my days off.  I would like to have a whole day off.  Its hard enough when you work nights.
Sincerely, Exhausted…PS at least I will be on vacation soon!

Dear Cell phone using moron in the white car,
Pick a speed.  I don’t know if your one of those people who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  But you are definitely one of those that can’t talk and drive.  
Sincerely, My cruise control hates you

Dear Man,
I would be really nice when you decided to do “projects” or “jobs” around the house that you actually put all of the stuff away when you complete them.  Its hard enough to keep the house clean.
Sincerely, your project messes make me want to choke  you to death.

Dear Lazy at work,
I look forward to the new name badges that record how long you are in patients rooms or in your case the lack of attention you give your patients.  Some of us are tired of doing your job.
Sincerely, smirking at the fact you will get busted

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