Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tied down and drunk

Had the cops bring in this patient that was very drunk and very agitated. In fact he was strapped to a back board with his hands tied behind his back. He was cussing and trying to spit at everyone. (Of course all he was doing was spitting on himself because the cops had some sort of mask that prevents them from spitting. Pretty neat wish we had them for the ED. Anyway he was here due to a huge laceration to his leg. Unfortunately he was too agitated to even look at the leg let alone let the doctor repair it. So Geodon it was IM in the leg to help him calm down. Wasn’t helping that the cops were irritating him even more. Doctor said I wish they would stop. So being the mouth that I am told them if they wanted to get back before time to clock out they would have to let the patient relax. That way the medicine could take effect and the doctor can fix the leg. They were happy to oblige.
Finally the med was effective. She wanted a urine on him so she could do a drug test on him. I let my new grad do the cath but he was having difficulty. I was teasing this new grad that I was training. I told him that my shift leader might be the vein whisperer but when it came to caths I was the cath whisperer…lol So without missing a beat the cop said..so you talk to penis for a living…lol Guess so…you know what they say nurses see more penis than a hooker does…lol So he did a number to his leg. Had to have sutures internally and then staples on the outside. He went back with the cops have out of it from the Geodon. Love Geodon!

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