Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grouchy nurses you work with

You know everyone has worked with one.  One of those I hate my job, I hate these patients and heaven forbid if you ask them a question.  Not to mention all around stuck up bitchy to coworkers or even patients..  I really try to get along with everyone I work with.  In fact I don’t mind working with any of my coworkers regardless of what shift they are on.  There is one young nurse who has been an ER nurse for 3 years and she is a really hard worker. She can run rings around everyone and usually bales me out if I am in a bind. BUT she has a tendency to belittle her other coworkers and get smart with the patients.  To the point it embarrasses the hell out of me if I am in the patients room with her.  When I first started as a new RN I was afraid to ask her questions because she always made me feel stupid or awkward.  I mean I am 10 yrs. older than her first off and second she always made me feel like my questions were really stupid.  So I have learned not to ask her any questions and save my questions for the season nurses that don’t eat their “young” .  I would like to confront her about her way of talking to the patients.  She shrugs it off like “I was just joking with them.”  When I want to shout at her “hey idiot this is a freaking ER.  This is not the time to joke around”  I have even had a patient complain to me about her causing me to apologize and try to play it like she is having a “rough” day.  Even though she spends every moment of the day bitching about how she hates this job and blah blah blah.  I still love my job.  Now when we get to the new facility I will probably change my mind.  Since we will be poorly staffed.  But she is young and I hate to generalize but at least in this area young people don’t want to work.  They want it all handed to them. GRRR.  I had to work my ass to get where I am today.  I paid for my own college, my own car and when I was growing up I had to buy my own 1st TV.  Now the kids get it all.  You wouldn’t believe the nurses that I went to school with that the parents were footing the bill.  They were the ones out partying and talking through class.  I wanted to choke the crap out of them.  But anyway…back to this nurse.  I like working with her because she does work.  Just wish her attitude would change.  Bad attitude can become contagious. Livingdeadnurse

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