Sunday, August 14, 2011

Those of you that are nurses or heck work in public at some point and time have ran into a pervert.  You know the one that always make some sick comment while your trying to do your job.  Last month I had a old man asked me to marry him.  Then another nurse asked me to please take the meds to bed 1a because he was grossly hitting on her.  Not that I pay much mind to that.  So I said sure not a problem.  Of course this guy is half drunk and he proceeds to tell me how hot I am and I bluntly change the subject to if he is allergic to this or that.  Which I get a no.  Then he proceeds to say if I smile at him much more he is going to just melt…ugh. He tries to get even more perverted when I cut him off and explained that I don’t believe my hubby would appreciate that especially since he is a pretty big man who gets jealous easily…**lie.  So sue me I embellished a little.  But he shut the heck up.  But the icing that takes the cake is the pervery old man that was drunk and I had to cath him.  Oh baby rub it hard when you clean it…ugh really? Gross…what I wanted to say was um I can hold it with 2 whole finger don’t think it will do much for me.  Instead I just stuck the catheter in and he shut up.  Glad he wasn’t into pain.  Cause if he would have said I like it rough I would have vomited on him.
*lets not forget the perverts in the nursing home who try to pull u into bed or grab your boobs either..sheesh.
So guys tell me ur perverts that you have ran into?  and how do you handle it?

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