Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Party

316902_308239889189700_100000110742086_1436663_1466529640_nI have always wanted to go to a Halloween party.  Where they have all the food Halloween themed and everyone dresses up.  Not to mention you can drink and have wonderful black mail pics…lol  So my husband actually decided to go with me to a party that a coworker was throwing.  We went as Red Riding hood and the wolf.  It was really hard to find a costume that wasn’t a hooker looking Red Riding Hood.  Really I don’t see her walking through the woods like this do you? RedRidingHoodElite-300x300   
She would die from exposure or trip and fall and break a leg. So I based my costume from the movie Red Riding Hood. 

I then ripped up one of the sleeves and put fake slash mark tattoos and scrapes on my arms.  I did rip the side of the dress up my leg but not too far…lol  It came our pretty good.  The food was amazing…316266_2533756018300_1085529767_3174477_1944746131_n
*kitty litter cake…gross definitely
316287_2533758818370_1085529767_3174480_1324820192_n  spider eggs…creepy
Course after drinking vodka and strawberry kiwi neither one of these are an option…lol

I had a blast and hope to throw my own Halloween Party soon!


Sarah said...

WHAT!? No pics of your costume??? Tease! I hate the hooker costumes~they all look the same....boring!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

What was in the kitty litter lol?

NurseNightmare said...

yea no pics sorry...hard to stay anonymous with them...lol

i know the poop is tootsie rolls...that's and the bottom is chocolate cake. but that's about it

Ann Worthington said...

The kitty litter and the pumpkin barf are very creative. Gross, but creative. I like the cat next to the litter. Adds that special touch. lol