Friday, October 21, 2011

Haunted Houses

No matter how old I get I love going to haunted houses.  Not that I am really scared or anything but I love seeing all the cool ideas people come up with to try to gross you out.  I also love going to see other people get their pants scared off…lol  You know these people can’t hurt you or even touch you.  But there is always someone in the group that squeals like a little girls through out the entire thing.  We had one in our group.  He was actually chased out from the group and into a corn field where he was lying on the ground in a fetal position.  Funny as hell I tell you.

 I did like the haunted corn maze.  I thought it was scarier than the haunted house.  I don’t know if it’s because corn still creeps me out because of Children of the corn or just that it was pitch black.  I think it was the combination of the both.  I did jump at least once or twice because it was hard to see where people were coming coming from.  I love the two guys that dragged the “dead” body into the cornfield…yea I am demented that way.  So do you go to haunted houses?  Are they too dumb to go to or do they scare the crap out of you still?

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Ann Worthington said...

They don't scare me. I'm only worried someone will grab me and I'll knock their lights out. It's more for their safety than mine that I don't go. lol