Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have no idea why they scare the crap out of me but they just do.  I don’t care if they have happy faces or sad.  They are all creepy as hell.  But If I have to give out awards for the scariest 5 clowns I have seen.  These would be it.  Least to the Greatest.
5. viol8r2 The clown from Spawn.  I love drawing the spawn character but this clown is too freaky to draw.
4.images (1) Dr Spaulding.  From House of a 1000 Corpses or Devil’s Rejects.  First off if you have seen this movie the whole movie is down right gruesome…but he give me the creeps. More like a child molestor clown.
3.Zombieland Zombie Clown Zombie Land Clown…hello a zombie and a clown?  Anyone have an axe handy?
2.pennywise-clown-it This one is a toss up between my number one clown.  He is creepy and scary as hell but he never made me check under my bed like number one.  This is Pennywise from the movie IT.
1.poltergeist-clown-3  A doll plus a clown?  This thing did give me nightmares.  Not only as a kid did I check under the bed, the closet was never open after this movie.  Even my stuff animals gave me the creeps weeks after this movie.
So this is my scary clown blog…there won’t be another..cause they creep me the heck out too much.


Ann Worthington said...

I saw the title and almost didn't click on it. That's how much I don't like clowns. lol

NP Odyssey said...

Funny, although I was expecting to scroll down and see Bozo the clown

Sarah said...

OMG, that clown from Poltergeist was the worst! I don't hate clowns but you never see me with one of those dolls... EVER! BTW, Entity is a late 1970's movie supposedly base on a true story backed up by some actual scientific proof. So whatever that is worth! If I could request something on your blog, I would love to hear about some more evil doll lore. I am not familiar with it. Thanks

Sarah said...

I think that clown from Poltergeist is the worst. I don't mind clowns but you will not find me having one of those evil doll clowns. BTW, the movie Entity is a late 1970's movie was supposedly made base on a true story. In the movie in touches on the scientific proof that the main character was able to get to support her case. I think that is what got me as a kid. If I could ask a request, I would love to hear some more on evil doll lore.