Friday, October 7, 2011

I was a Zombie

So I was suppose to post every day but I turned into a walking Zombie.  After only getting 3 hours of sleep after waking up from working the night before I had many things to do.  I took my kids to their first pep band for middle school.  They helped the high school band at the local homecoming football game.  I finally got home around 11.  Unfortunately the lack of sleep brought on one of those sleep deprived migraines from hell.  You know the ones where you walk around with your eyes have closed, holding your head, moaning and bumping into things.  This type of “zombie” does moan brains but shut up everyone my head hurts.”  This zombie also can revert back into human once they have eaten, slept and medicated.  Unfortunately I skipped 2 of those and woke up at 530 am with a pounding in my head.  I had to eat and take meds and go back to bed.  So I am back posting this for my disappearance…lol  I know it’s cheating…wait this is my blog and do whatever I want…muahaha

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