Friday, October 14, 2011

Best Vampire Movies

  1. the-best-vampire-movies-of-all-timeThe all time best movie!! I don’t think they could ever remake this movie and make it better.
  2. 10048200abram-stoker-s-dracula-posters A classic that comes to life on screen.
  3. 30daysofnight-posterThese vampires don’t sparkle.  They are bloody and just plain mean.  Awesome bloody and gruesome movie
  4. underworld-casting-call-open-audition This is more of an action vampire movie but I love the idea of a half breed super vampire.
  5. images The vampire movie of my childhood that scared the pants off me.  I watch it a few days ago and wonder why?  I would like to see the remake to see if this one will make me jump like the old one did years back.
  6. Interview wall I hate Tom Cruise they could have done a better cast.  I still love the movie as well as the book.
  7. 300px-Blade_movie  Another action packed vampire movie.  It’s not a classic but if you want to see some vampires get their butt kicked this is the movie for you.

*** stay away from priest that movie about put me to sleep…bleck


Ann Worthington said...

I love the Lost Boys!!!! Just watched it again last night.
I love Blade, too. I have all the movies.
Of course you know I enjoyed 30 Days of Night because that is how vampires are supposed to be.

Sarah said...

Fright Night IS being remade!