Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best Vampire Books of all times

  1. Sookie Stack House Series by Charlaine Harris.  If you are watching trueblood and haven’t read the book then you don’t know crap about Sookie Stackhouse.  Give the books a try.  If you can’t read get them on CD Duh!                           sookie
  2. How would you like to live in a town where it’s ran by vampires.  And making blood donations was the way the town taxed you?  If you don’t pay your taxes you could come up missing?  This is a great series that is easy to read and easy to get addicted to.9376345
  3. Tired of the same old Twilight type vampire’s?  Wanting a different type of vampire?  We then this book is for you.  Mori  are still elite type vampires in this series but they  have to be guarded by Damphirs.   The Strigori are the vampires that are out to eliminate the Mori race.  This is a great book.  Unfortunately the first book is a little long winded making people stop reading the series.  The first book is more about getting to know the characters but after that it’s easy to get yourself hooked to this series.345627 
  4. When you’re a teenager you may develop a mark.  Meaning you will be sent away from your family and friends to a new school.  There you will learn the ways of becoming a great vampire.  That is if you can survive the change or the headmistress.                                       
  5. Last but not least is Anne Rice’s Vampire chronicles. 43763 
*** there are many other vampire books that I have read that are good not but not great.  They are still good reads but just not one of my favorites.  These would include: Vampire Diaries, Dracula, Turned, and last but not least is Twilight.  I am sure there are many others that I have read that should be on this list but hey I wanted the top 5.  Btw why is Twilight not the top 5?  Because if you are not a teenager you would realize just how whiney and melodramatic Bella is.  Come on?  Kill yourself over a guy?  Good grief.


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

If you haven't already, you have *got* to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. You will not be disappointed!!!

Ann Worthington said...

I have a lot of catching up to do in The House Of Night series. The last one I read is whichever one comes after Untamed. Sad.

I like the series that has the witches, vamps...can't remember what it was called, but it was pretty good.

Leeanna said...

The Chicagoland Vampire Series by Chloe Neill are really great. She writes a great Vamp mystery. I shot through the whole shebang in four days. I just couldn't put the books down. Now I'm waiting for book 5 that comes out in November.

Dark Mother said...

I read ALL of the Sookie Stackhouse books back before Trueblood was even a twinkle in anyone's eye. I loved Season 1. Season 2 pissed me off and Season 3 I barely even made it though. I cancelled HBO and haven't watched Season 4. I hate the character they cast as Sookie. The Sookie in the book is a big girl with big hair and a big mouth. This little blonde bitch....I could stamp her out with my little toe.

Too much?

NurseNightmare said...

Thanks texan and Leeanna for the new book ideas, um Ann swing by anytime to borrow the Night series I have them all. Dark mother..i agree i don't like who they pick for sookie. I don't imagine her as a big gal but they brag about her tan and perfect boobs through out the whole dag series. Which Anna doesn't have. Season one I liked, season 2 pissed me off. Season 3 Alcide and Eric kept me busy...lol and 4 was probably by far the best. But none is as great as the books. Which by the way the next one come out in May and the last one will be sometime in 2013